Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco

Founded in 1935, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art was the first museum on the west coast of America dedicated exclusively to 20th century modern and contemporary art. Between 2013 and May 2016, extensive conversion and extension work was carried out, with a ten-story new build to the rear part of the building.

The building now has 16,000 m² of exhibition space and houses important works by Frida Kahlo, Paul Klee, Jackson Pollock, and Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Condair’s ME series evaporative coolers ensure energy-efficient exhaust air cooling with low operating costs.


Evaporative Cooler

Condair ME

The Condair ME evaporative cooler is specially designed to meet the requirements of indirect exhaust air cooling. These include a simple structure, extremely economical operation, and durable components. The patented humidifier box achieves optimum values in its vaporizing effect.

Further information on the Condair ME

Diagram of an evaporative cooling system

Significant energy saving

Indirect evaporative cooling reduces the power requirement of a cooling machine for mechanical cooling.
Conventional cooling machines and cooling batteries can therefore be designed to be significantly smaller and more cost-effective.

In addition to this, the ongoing operating costs for building cooling are reduced.
Graphical representation of energy contributions produced for the cooling of buildings in the sample air conditioning system.
Calculated using the Coolblue 2.0 software tool from Condair.

Energy-efficient evaporative cooler
Condair ME

PDF / Brochure: Evaporative cooler Condair ME